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  • The L2 KomiWars Team
    Posted at 06.09.2022

    Hello dear players!
    Today at 06.09.2022 with joy we announcing:
    The Lineage II High Five PvE/PvP/Craft Mid rate server have officially date for GRAND-OPENING!
    Second chapter of the opened beta have passed successfully and from today 06.09.2022 till 30.09.2022 it will stay online and opened as BETA.
    From 30.09.2022 Server will enter in GM-Only Mode wiped and ready for season II.

    GRAND-OPENING will happen on 11.10.2022 at 20:00 GMT+2

    You can join our discord server and facebook page to get more information about server,its type and etc!

    Official Discord Server
    L2KomiWars Discord
    Official Server Facebook Page
    L2KomiWars FaceBook Page

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